AALL Grants

AALL has a project fund to which members may apply to fund activities that further the goals of AALL. Non-members can be involved in projects, but the principal applicant of a grant must be a member of AALL. Members may also apply for a Grant to travel to an interstate AALL event. 

Project reports provided by successful AALL Grant recipients are also available - visit the AALL Grant Project Reports page.


AALL offers four Grant types:

  1. Research and Resource Development Grant (maximum $4,000)
  2. Event Grant (maximum $4,000)
  3. Travel Grant (maximum $250) - this grant is open for application at any time
  4. The John Grierson Grant (maximum $1,000) (available only in the years of the biennial AALL conference) .

Research and Resource Development Grants may be used to fund and/or co-fund institutional or cross-institutional research projects related to the mission and goals of AALL, and/or fund the development of resources or publications to benefit AALL members. Event Grants may be used to fund professional development workshops which benefit a significant number of AALL members, either through direct participation or indirectly through the dissemination of resources.

Applicants may consider, if appropriate, using portions of either the Research and Resource Development Grants or the Events Grants to fund Visiting Fellowships: travel expenses to foster cross-institutional initiatives which may lead to outcomes which would benefit a substantial number of AALL members.

There will typically be 1-2 Grant rounds each year, depending on the amount of money available in the AALL Grants fund. These rounds invite applications for both Research and Resource Development Grants and the Events Grants. When they are offered, is decided annually by the AALL Executive.

Funding for travel to an interstate AALL event can be appllied for at any time using the Travel Grant application form below. Applications for the John Grierson Grant will be called for separately in the lead up to each biennial AALL Conference. The most recent John Grierson Grant Application Form and further information are available on the John Grierson Grant page.

AALL members should ensure that their applications are sufficiently informative and persuasive by reading the Tips for a Successful Application. It would also be useful to look at previously funded AALL Grants.

2015 Round 2 grant applications are now open

Round 2 Grants for 2015 are open now and close on Friday, September 11th. We'd like to remind you that the AALL Travel Grant and John Grierson Grant are open until August 31st.

Download the AALL 2015 Round 2 Research and Resource Development Grant application form.

Download the AALL 2015 Round 2 Event Grant application form.

Download the AALL 2015 Travel Grant application form.

2014 Round 2 grant applications, closing date Friday, October 17, 5:00pm EST

Download the AALL 2014 Round 2 Research and Resource Development Grant application form.

Download the AALL 2014 Round 2 Event Grant application form.

Download the AALL 2014 Travel Grant application form.

Previous (now closed)

2013 2nd round event grant applications – closing date September 30th.

AALL events calendar 2012

AALL events grants and resource links 2011



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