Would you be interested in volunteering to contribute to AALL at the national level through sub-committees, working groups and interest groups in 2021? These will consist of small teams working together on areas such as the following: national events, marketing and design, web development, social media, new member support, public relations, email communications, other digital communications (e.g. newsletters), external partnerships, local events, promoting research, supporting online learning, developing STEM support practices, etc.

Check out our proposed constitution for more information (especially clauses 11 and 21). Our first expressions of interest in contributing nationally in 2021 will be called for between 20-30 November this year.

By working together and distributing leadership more broadly across our association, our volunteering efforts will:

  • better represent and support AALL members,
  • help members expand their professional networks,
  • help members enhance their practice,
  • increase opportunities for discussion,
  • increase opportunities for presentations and professional development,
  • increase opportunities for publications, and
  • foster and promote research.

This is a new initiative. Your participation would be greatly appreciated, and will help shape future directions for AALL.

Members will receive information on how to volunteer by email. For queries, also feel free to contact me at siri.barrett-lennard@uwa.edu.au.

Siri Barrett-Lennard, AALL President