About our association

AALL represents and supports academic language and learning educators in Australia.

AALL is a professional association committed to representing and supporting tertiary academic language and learning educators in Australia, and others with an active interest in the field. AALL aims to provide members with opportunities to extend their professional networks and to enhance their practice through discussion, professional development, presentations, publications and research.

AALL mission statement

AALL goals:

  1. encourage discussion, exchange information, share good practice and hold meetings and conferences on the diverse activities of academic language and learning in tertiary education in Australia,
  2. facilitate networks between academic language and learning educators, services and associate bodies in tertiary education nationally and internationally,
  3. identify, describe, analyse and discuss aspects of academic language and learning theory and practice through relevant research, professional development, publications and resources relating to learning and teaching and students’ experience of tertiary education,
  4. promote evidence-based practice and publish scholarly research via the association’s Journal of Academic Language and Learning,
  5. inform and advise the public, tertiary institutions and government bodies on academic language and learning development practices, quality assurance mechanisms and related policies, and
  6. promote quality, diversity, internationalisation and flexibility in language and learning development.

AALL constitution

AALL Executive

AALL members play a vital role in their institutions by providing teaching, support and expertise to assist students in developing appropriate academic skills to enable them to succeed at their studies.

The AALL Position Statement outlines the range of knowledge, professional insights, and expertise requisite for academic language and learning educators in higher and further education.

AALL is also a founding member of the International Consortium of Academic Language and Learning Developers (ICALLD). For more information about ICALLD, AALL events with ICALLD and reciprocal AALL and ICALLD membership benefits, visit our ICALLD page.