UniLearn (electronic discussion list)

 The AALL discussion forum is where ALL related information, debates, issues and files can be easily archived and freely accessed beyond the membership of AALL. The Unilearn list is mainly used to notify about events (conferences), job vacancies and other one-off information. As such, Unilearn supplements the AALL discussion forum.

Unilearn began in June 1995 at the University of Western Sydney, the brainchild of Peter Ninnes. Its aim was to provide a electronic discussion forum for both Australasian and New Zealand academic skills advisers/lecturers. John Grierson took over administration of the list in 1997-2003, and it is currently administered by Dai Fei Yang, University of Western Sydney. The 1995 'list' of 44 subscribers has since grown to nearly 600 (2010), with subscribers from the Canada, South Africa, Zambia, the UK and the US.

For information about how to join UniLearn, for general enquiries and to report difficulties, please contact Dai Fei Yang, the list moderator at UWS.