Rowena Murray: video Writing for Publication Workshop

Rowena Murray: Writing for Publication Workshop

Held at the University of Wollongong, Dr Rowena Murray's Writing for Publication and Writing Groups workshop was a fantastic opportunity to consider our own writing for publication, and how we might facilitate the same for our students. Below are reflections on the workshop day, Rowena's powerpoints, and the videos of the day.


To devote a whole day to something which I have enjoyed doing alone for many years - writing - and to have the opportunity to share the experience gave me a real sense of renewal.  Rowena’s confident expectation that we would be able to write, even while surrounded by others, soon had us all busily working. My new, more portable computer took some to get used to so I didn’t write as much as I would have liked in the 5 minute warm up but it was enough to allow me to participate in the ensuing discussion.  In addition to the practical value to be had from these opportunities to exchange ideas, I found them to be validating to me as a writer, teacher and someone with a real interest in the teaching of writing.  After reflecting on the stimulating day we spent with Rowena Murray I have revised my 'long term aim' to write a journal article on my experience of facilitating 'writing circles' at university, to a 'short term' aim. And I have decided to organise some writing retreats for higher degree student writers in which I can also participate. To continue the indulgence and keep me focused, I am reading Rowena's book How to write a Thesis. This is one of those books that you do not want to put down so I am stretching the time between reads to extend the pleasure. Helen Thursby, University of Newcastle.

Before I attended the Rowena Murray workshop, I really dreaded writing. Writing was something that took me a long time and caused a lot of angst. So my approach was to avoid it for as long as possible and put it off until the last minute, by which time I would have too many ideas and not enough time to focus my writing. Or other more pressing commitments would eat away at what little writing time I had. I often couldn’t finish writing by the deadlines and missed numerous opportunities to publish. This workshop helped me in so many ways. The biggest thing was overcoming that dread of writing. The short writing exercises showed me that it was actually easy to start writing and writing doesn’t have to take a long time. The exercises that we did – writing from prompts, using detailed outlines, writing a letter to a journal editor – were all very useful in helping to focus on writing and givewriting a clear direction. I will continue to use these exercises in my own writing and in my teaching of writing. I am so glad that I attended this workshop. It has helped me to overcome a huge obstacle to writing, and although I still have a long way to go, it has given me confidence that I needed to take the plunge and pursue a doctoral degree. Practical workshop, involving writing activities and discussions.  Topics: targeting journals, analysing published articles, generative strategies, outlining, writing abstracts, dealing with peer review and making time to write.  All the writing activities in this workshop are intended to help participants develop their journal articles. Jodie Sakaguchi, University of Technology, Sydney.

Writing for Publication powerpoint

Writing Retreats and Groups powerpoint

Pros and cons of writing retreats and writing groups
Forum on the value and limitations of writing retreats and writing groups, drawing on Rowena’s extensive experience and that of the participants.

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Background to the discussion:
Murray, Rowena and Newton, Mary (2009) 'Writing retreat as structured intervention:  margin or mainstream?'Higher Education Research & Development, 28:5, 541—553.