NSW/ACT ALL Professional Development Day: Collaboration 4 June

The NSW/ACT AALL Professional development Day was a fantastic success, even if the hosts do say so themselves. We had 45 registered participants from 14 institutions. Notable were representatives from Victoria: Trinity College (U Melbourne), Deakin University and Swinburne University.

Follow up on sessions and resources:

David Rose, an educational linguist from the University of Sydney, gave the keynote, stressing the need for explicit pedagogy to close learners’ ability gaps – a question of social justice. David's keynote powerpoint is available here.  During his keynote he referred to the following resources:

What’s happening in AALL?
Bronwyn James (AALL President) outlined how the local AALL agendas might better link with the national agendas in higher education. As part of this, a second round of AALL Grants will foster collaborations and partnerships.  Implicit in this is the potential for adding to the AALL website coverage.

In the AALL Collaboration Discussion Session, participants discussed and recorded their ideas about what collaboration meant, and what collaboration they most desired. The responses were collated by the facilitators, Sage Leslie-McCarthy and Rowena Harper. A key desire was that there be space on the AALL website to ‘donate’ teaching materials to a ‘Materials Bank’ for others to access and curate in accordance with their own institutional context. Great idea – less reinvention of the wheel etc…

Collaboration Case Studies in the afternoon focused on collaboration:

  • on theses: the relationship between student support and funding, ownership and recognition (Rowena Harper, University of Canberra)
  • perceptions in decision making: an integration of existing resources (Jane Garten, Trinity College, University of Melbourne)
  • with Faculties (Garry Collins and Peter Copeman, University of Canberra)
  • with first year Sociology students (Elaine Speight-Burton, Swinburne University)
  • with clinical educators in the health sciences (Marie McInnes, University of Sydney

All in ALL, a great day: particular thanks to Sage Leslie-McCarthy for a fabulous theme, meticulous planning and  attention to detail, and ensuring there was more than enough food for thought.