Implementing the Good Practice Principles: New Directions

 Sydney University Learning Centre hosted NSW/ACT AALL Meeting, 8 October:

Implementing the Good Practice Principles: New Directions

  1. Simon Barrie. Welcome.Download
  2. Alex Barthel. (ELSSA Centre, UTS). Changing the Good Practice Principles into Standards.Download
  3. Fran Gaynor. (Linguistics, Macquarie).
    • Part 1. Enabling the transition to university by explicitly labelling academic literacy practices.Download
    • Part 2. Questions.Download
  4. Maree Stenglin. (Economics and Business, Sydney.
    • Part 2: From core to program: reflections on embedding in business education.Download
    • Part 2: Questions.Download
  5. Pam Mort. (Learning Centre, UNSW).
    • Part 1: Good practice principles for English language development in practice? Analysis of a credit bearing communication skills course for engineering.Download
    • Part 2: Questions.Download
  6. Roslyn Appleby. (ELSSA Centre, UTS). Evolving models for embedding language and literacy in Faculty programs.Download
  7. Sally Humphrey (Education, ACU), Shoshana Dreyfus (Post doctoral fellow, Linguistics, Sydney), Trish Weekes (LC, Sydney) Judith Baker, (Arts, Sydney). Workshop and discussion: Developing a spiral curriculum for embedded academic literacy across an undergraduate program.


no sound on video files?

Hi.. I am using VLC media player - - I have the video playing but there is no sound??? should I be using other software to run these videos?
cheers Pam

Ms Pam Mort Learning Centre UNSW Sydney Australia

Pam I've just installed the


I've just installed the latest version of VLC, and am getting both sound and vision, no problem.


Geoff Millar
ALL Unit,