English language entry pathways: innovations, outcomes and future directions - Report on the Symposium



On Thursday 9 June 2011, over 130 representatives from English Language (EL) pathways and universities gathered at the University of Sydney for a one-day Symposium on English Language (EL) entry pathways. The Symposium was sponsored by the Association of Academic Language and Learning (AALL) as part of a round of grants which promoted State and Territory events that:

• Focus on a theme that is linked to one of the current national Higher Education agendas.
• Relate explicitly to Government policies and initiatives and the role that ALL professionals do and can play in relation to these.
• Bring together interested and key players - both ALL professionals and others in the institution as well as an invited high profile speaker on the identified theme.
• Are ideally cross-institutional.

The Symposium, which was organized by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the Learning Centre, University of Sydney, aimed to explore the theme of whether EL entry pathways are effectively preparing international students for Higher Education (HE). The Symposium connected this theme to the Australian Government’s Good Practice Principles (GPP) and adopted a collaborative and cross-institutional approach. Despite the emphasis on the Sydney region in the presentations, one of the strengths of the Symposium was the representative nature of the audience: people came from both pathways and universities and from all over Australia. The full report on the day's proceedings and a presentation on English Australia's policy on 'Direct Entry' Programs are attached.

Organizing Committee:
Bronwen Dyson (University of Sydney) and Helen Drury (University of Sydney)