AALL Vic Seminar?

A message to AALL Victorians (that sounds important, doesn't it!)

The annual AALL Vic seminar seems to have fallen by the wayside. From memory, last year it was University of Melbourne's turn to host the seminar but for some reason it didn't happen. Is there any interest in holding and AALL Vic seminar in Victoria this year? I have always found the seminars to be a great way to hear about new ideas and initiatives and to meet up with AALL colleagues, old and new. There used to be some sort of roster for hosting the seminars. I remember seeing this list in an old email, but unfortunately, all of my emails older than one year were accidentally deleted by an over-zealous techie! Does anyone out there still have this list?

Hope to hear from someone soon.

Robyn Yucel
La Trobe University