Refereed papers

Preface (pdf, 96KB)
Stephen Milnes

Language and academic skills advising in the era of internationalisation: A multiliteracies perspective (pdf, 165KB)
Adela Abu-Arab

LAS advisers as virtual tutors: A report on an interactive online writing course for undergraduate students (pdf, 805KB)
Chi Baik and Damian Sweeney

'Knowingly constructing' our future: Reflecting on individual LAS practice (pdf, 162KB)
Annie Bartlett

The John Grierson Keynote: Critiquing and reflecting (pdf, 156KB)
Kate Chanock

The LAS adviser's role in supporting dyslexic students (pdf, 170KB)
Kate Chanock

Creativity versus routinisation: Critical reflections on the role of the learning adviser (pdf, 154KB)
Susan Crozier

Toward a knowledge management framework for language and learning services (pdf, 185KB)
Brian Curtis

Locating learning advisers in the new university: What should be our role? (pdf, 191KB)
Wendy Green, Sara Hammer and Robyn Stephens

Improving oral communication in pharmacy education through interdisciplinary research (pdf, 154KB)
Bev Kokkinn and Libby Hotham

Postgraduate Essentials: An online transition program for commencing PhD students (pdf, 169KB)
Wendy Larcombe and Anthony McCosker

LAS and its disciplinary ambitions (pdf, 175KB)
Stephen Milnes

Theorising what we do: Defamiliarise the university (pdf, 154KB)
Kerry O’Regan

Representation for (re)invention (pdf, 358KB)
Alisa Percy and Jeannette Stirling

A web of interconnectedness: The implications of coordinating a peer mentoring program (pdf, 173KB)
Clare Power and Neera Handa

Should students acknowledge significant learning assistance with their assignments or theses? (pdf, 163KB)
David R. Rowland and Mandy Symons

Truth games/Truth claims: Resisting institutional notions of LAS as remediation (pdf, 167KB)
Jeannette Stirling and Alisa Percy

Non-refereed papers

Embedding information literacy: A collaborative approach (pdf, 185KB)
Deborah Ambery, Jan Manners, and Karin Smith

Email in a ‘thirdspace’: Enhancing intercultural communication (pdf, 160KB)
Helen Benzie

Creating a rich environment: Co-operation between academic support and disciplinary teaching staff (pdf, 214KB)
Glenda Crosling and Anne V. Wilson

Making a difference and self-efficacy: Interviews with Jude Carroll, Kate Chanock, and Marcia Devlin (pdf, 181KB)
Julianne East

Leadership in LAS: Beginning a conversation (pdf, 173KB)
Liz Horrocks

The poetics of writing instruction (pdf, 72KB)
Andrew Johnson

Learning and the net generation: Are LAS advisers helping or hindering? (pdf, 219KB)
Alex McKnight

The perils of skills: Towards a model of integrating graduate attributes into the disciplines (pdf, 260KB)
Tim Moore and Brett Hough

Chasing Pokemon: In pursuit of the LAS ideal (pdf, 309KB)
Chris Orsmond

Who am I writing for? Potential and problems of writer roles in assessment tasks (pdf, 206KB)
Jan Pinder

Role conflation in the writing of undergraduate Law assignments (pdf, 80KB)
Steve Price

While they were learning, what was I doing? (pdf, 172KB)
Anne V. Wilson