Annual General Meetings

2017 AGM

The AALL 2017 AGM will be held at the AALL conference at Deakin University in Geelong on Friday 3rd November.

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2016 AGM

Thank you for participating in the 2016 AGM. The results are now in.

For any questions or issues regarding the AGM please contact AALL Secretary Fiona Henderson,

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2015 AGM

The AALL 2015 AGM was held at the AALL conference at the University of Wollongong on Thursday November 26th @ 4.30 pm. Please refer to the General Documents and Reports section below to access reports submitted for the 2015 AGM. Minutes will be made available after the AGM.

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AALL 2017 Conference - special edition of JALL?

What is the procedure to enable this?


on behalf of AALL 2017 Conference hosts (VU and Deakin)

Dr Fiona Henderson Academic Support and Development Victoria University Melbourne ph +61431075536

Website development - on behalf of

I've just been looking through the website and finding more has been added than I'd previously thought, which is great. I have just found when I've looked for information which I thought would have been there it hasn't been, eg about an event before the event and links to information after an event, our own events and, including things such ICALLD. At times it has looked quite out of date, but now it looks much better. Sorry for jumping the gun! But I'd still like to know what the plans for an upgrade are. Lesley

Dr Fiona Henderson Academic Support and Development Victoria University Melbourne ph +61431075536

Events page

Thanks for noticing the updates! I spent some time earlier in the year going through every page and I have tried to update. I agree regarding the Events - the current site only has a page for AALL events so I have been thinking of adding a separate page for other related events. I just need to work out the most obvious place to put it.

Tess Snowball