Professional Development Exchange / Hosting


AALL has established this site to promote professional development through exchanges or hosting opportunities across institutions.

There is expected to be a two-way benefit to hosting an exchange: while on the one hand, visiting staff can expect to gain valuable insights into the working practices of a host institution which they can take back to their home institution, it is also expected that visiting staff will also share their knowledge, expertise and home unit’s practices with their host institution during their visit.

Exchanges/hosting could range from one week up to one session/semester. They could be initiated by an individual academic language and learning  educator wishing to spend some time in another institution or by an institution wishing to host an academic language and learning educator with  expertise in a particular area.

The exchange needs the approval or both the host and home unit Heads or Directors.The conditions of the exchange would need to be negotiated directly with both the host and home institutions. Salaries would not be part of the exchange conditions.

How to start thinking about it?: five steps

Register your interest on the AALL Discussion Forum

  • identify the terms of the exchange/visit and any other conditions, excluding salary, that are relevant


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