AALL Executive

Office bearers

Other roles

  • Journal Editor: David Rowland
  • Public Officer: Leighana Thornton
  • Senior Counsel: Alex Barthel and Kate Chanock
  • Website Co-ordinator: Tess Snowball webmanager@aall.org.au.

State representatives

  • SA – Rebekah Clarkson (University of Adelaide) and Regina Sliuzas (Flinders University) sabranch@aall.org.au
  • ACT – Lesley Cioccarelli (Canberra Institute of Technology) and Janise Farrell (UNSW) actbranch@aall.org.au
  • TAS – Louise Oxley (University of Tasmania) and Amelia Dowe (University of Tasmania) tasbranch@aall.org.au
  • NT – Roz Rowen (Charles Darwin University) and Raelke Grimmer (Charles Darwin University) ntbranch@aall.org.au
  • QLD – Shirley Brown  (Bond University) and Sally Ashton-Hay (Southern Cross University) qldbranch@aall.org.au
  • NSW – Rosemarie Fonseka (Crown Institute of Higher Education) and Leighana Thornton (Australian Catholic University) nswbranch@aall.org.au
  • VIC – Dr Elena Verezub (Swinburne University) and Steve Campitelli (University of  Melbourne) vicbranch@aall.org.au
  • WA – Miriam Sullivan (Curtin University) and Siri Barrett-Lennard (UWA) wabranch@aall.org.au


  • Social Media and Web Communications Sub-committee: Tess Snowball, Janise Farrell, Lesley Cioccarelli and Amelia Dowe