Meet the new AALL Executive

The AALL executive consists of academic language and learning professionals from across Australia who are elected and appointed by their peers to coordinate the Association and further its mission and goals.

Many thanks to outgoing AALL executive members Sally Ashton-Hay, Leighana Thornton, Elena Verezub, Rosemarie Fonseka, Raelke Grimmer, Andy Pollard, Kirstin Marks and Miriam Sullivan, all of whom have volunteered their time to helping members extend their professional networks and enhance their practice.

Join continuing AALL executive members Siri Barrett-Lennard, David Rowland, Amelia Dowe, Stephen Campitelli, Gail Heinrich, Lesley Cioccarelli, Rebekah Clarkson, Alex Barthel and Kate Chanock in congratulating and welcoming new members of the AALL executive for November 2021-2023!